Timber windows and doors made with traditional skills

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    Prestige Patio Doors


All the doors produced by GBS are made from engineered or modified timber.

  • Engineered timber is a three core-lamination of the solid wood which resists twisting and warping.
  • Modified timber has undergone a process that changes how the timber performs.

  • Softwood, Swedish Redwood - This can be almost clear of knots and defects in the engineered form.
  • Softwood, Douglas Fir / Columbian Pine - Clear of knots and with a decorative grain
  • Hardwood, Sapele, Mahogany - Heavy and durable
  • European Oak - Decorative and durable
  • Accoya - Modified softwood. Stable and durable

We also offer doors made using solid wood core plywood blanks into which we can cut glazing apertures and create panels and mouldings, very stable and durable. 

Further decorative etched or stained glass can be provided along with a range of furniture to further embellish the style and finish.

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Boarded Doors:

Boarded doors, particularly the ledged and braced are the earliest style of door, dating from the Middle Ages they have evolved into a frame and filled door which adds stability in today’s environment.

Boards are tongue and groove with either a simple “V” or a beaded edge.

Framed Ledged and Braced.

Boarded Doors
Boarded Doors2
Boarded Doors3
Boarded Doors41
Boarded Doors5
Boarded Doors6
Boarded Doors7
Boarded Doors8

Georgian Bar and Margin Doors:

Glazed doors allow light to pour into hallways and living rooms.

Glazed Doors1
Glazed Doors2
Glazed Doors3
Glazed Doors4

  • Thank you! The quality of the workmanship [For our wooden door replacement] is wonderful, and the fitting was excellent – it fits so perfectly into place, with no damage to the internal architrave or existing step. I can hardly believe it’s a replacement door. Great fitters and excellent communication throughout. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you

    Anna, Cheshire.
  • Please thank your craftsmen for an outstanding job. Good quality workmanship all around. Regards, Bob Screen.

    B Screen - Northwich, Cheshire
  • Our new Door is exceptional , making good outside and inside all superb by Ryan who is a great asset to your company, for very hard working, attention to detail, high skill level and is and a really nice likable guy

    Mr P Stevens , Cheshire.
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