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The company does not warrant products made from softwood or hardwood against twisting, warping, shrinking, swelling and decay.

The company warrants all products made from Accoya wood against twisting, warping, shrinking, swelling and decay for a period of up to and not exceeding 50 years. The company warrants both softwood and hardwood products made from engineered timber against twisting and warping but not against shrinking or swelling.

The expected life in service of hardwood (Sapele) is 40 years
The expected life in service of softwood ( Swedish Redwood) is 20 years
Subject to care and maintenance.

Material defects 
The company shall not be liable for any products supplied that are found to have latent and / or natural defects or for the performance of any timber specie and the effects of atmospheric conditions on the products either internal or externally or the latent appearance of natural defects such as splits / shakes, bleeding of resin from knots or leeching of tannings all off which are natural occurrences beyond our control and do not constitute a fault in the timber or workmanship.

The company shall warrant for the term of 1 year following supply or installation the workmanship of all products and will either correct, repair or replace products that are found within 1 year of invoice date to have such defects.

Preservative treatment
All finished products are preservative dipped to prevent insect infestation and fungal decay.

Double glazed sealed units 
The company warrants the performance of softcoat dual seal double glazed units for a period of 10 years when either factory glazed or when glazed on site by the companies own employees or when glazed in accordance with the companies instructions.
The company warrants the performance of hardcoat sealed units for a term of 5 years.
Warranties will be rescinded if units are found to have been glazed in any other method or with any other products other than those specified by the company.

The company offers no warranty when products are supplied bare or in primer or base coat only or when products are supplied with further coats but without final finish.
The company warrants final coat factory finished products in accordance with manufacturers warranties, subject to orientation, care and maintenance, see manufacturers technical manual. www.teknos.co.uk. All claims will be referred to the manufacturer.
Warranties will be rescinded if any paint or practises other than those specified by the manufacturer is used in redecoration by the customer and/or their contractors, see care & maintenance.

Ironmongery, Locks, Furniture & Weather Seals 
Manufacturers own warranties apply on all hinges, stays, fasteners, locks and weather seals subject to fair wear and tear, care and maintenance. All claims will be referred to the manufacturer.

The company shall mean GBS Joinery LLP
Subject to statutory consumer rights and the current law of England and Wales. All warranties are fully transferable upon sale of property to new owner.
Please see the companies care and maintenance manual, terms and conditions and claims procedure.
  • Thank you! The quality of the workmanship [For our wooden door replacement] is wonderful, and the fitting was excellent – it fits so perfectly into place, with no damage to the internal architrave or existing step. I can hardly believe it’s a replacement door. Great fitters and excellent communication throughout. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you

    Anna, Cheshire.
  • Our new Door is exceptional , making good outside and inside all superb by Ryan who is a great asset to your company, for very hard working, attention to detail, high skill level and is and a really nice likable guy

    Mr P Stevens , Cheshire.
  • Please thank your craftsmen for an outstanding job. Good quality workmanship all around. Regards, Bob Screen.

    B Screen - Northwich, Cheshire
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